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In this page you can find the most common questions given by our clients and their answers. All questions and answers are included in appropriate sections which are divided by insurance types.

If You have any question, the answer to which You cannot find in current page, please give Your question in the appropriate section and we will be pleased to answer You.

General Questions

How to purchase insurance policy?

“INGO ARMENIA” Insurance CJSC offers several methods of insurance policy order.

  • You can purchase insurance policy at one of the officesof our company
  • Call an agent.
  • Call our 24/7 Call center by telephone number 010 59 21 21 and order a policy
  • If you want to order a CMTPL policy You can order it through our IPhone application here.

Shall I have to conclude an insurance contract if the car is not being used?

As long as the vehicle is registered in RA, it is mandatory to have an insurance contract. In order to avoid fines in the event of not using the motor vehicle, we suggest to apply to the Traffic Police and temporarily remove the motor vehicle from registration, which is free of charge.

What kind of fines are established in case of not having a CMTPL insurance contract?

Not having a CMTPL insurance contract that lasted more than ten days is subject to an AMD 5,000 fine for every ten days, but not more than 50,000 AMD for each year, and also driving a vehicle on public highways in the territory of the Republic of Armenia without having a valid insurance contract concluded for the given vehicle is subject to an AMD 100,000 fine.

How long may last the term of CMTPL contract?

The CMTPL contract shall be concluded for a period of at least 3 months, except for “transit transportation” and “temporary importation” customs regimes provided for by the RA Customs Code, as well as for motor vehicles imported by driving into the RA territory for sale by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, on which the CMTPL contract shall be concluded for a period of at least 10 days. At the same time, the CMTPL contract may be concluded for a maximum period of one year.

I have tried to conclude a CMTPL insurance contract online. As a result, the amount has been charged, but the contract of insurance has not been concluded. Whom should I contact?

Very rarely, due to technical problems, such cases occur, so after concluding the CMTPL contract, always check the e-mail address specified by you in the contract, and if you do not receive the concluded contract, contact the insurance company with which you signed the contract, because only the latter has the right to return the money transferred.

How can I find out which insurance company the CMTPL insurance contract of the given vehicle was concluded with in a specific period?  

For more information, you can visit the link below.

How can I change the insurance company which I have signed a CMTPL insurance contract with?

It is necessary to submit an application for early termination of the CMTPL insurance contract to the insurance company that has signed the contract.

It should be noted that in case of unilateral termination of the contract by the policyholder, the insurance premium paid for the unexpired term of the contract may be returned partially. The procedure and conditions for submitting the application are defined by Appendix 4 of the “General Terms and Conditions of CMTPL ” RL 1-001 rules, to which you can see by visiting


Where should the application for insurance compensation be submitted?

The application to receive insurance compensation is submitted to the insurance company that has signed a CMTPL insurance contract with you, and in the absence of a CMTPL insurance contract, to any of the insurance companies that have concluded an insurance contract for the motor vehicles involved in the accident at the time of the accident, at your preference, and in the absence of the latter, to any other insurance company of your choice.

What type of documents need to be submitted upon writing an application for compensation?

The list of documents to be submitted to the relevant insurance company in order to receive insurance compensation is defined by Appendix 5 of the “General Terms and Conditions of  CMTPL” RL 1-001 rules, to which you can find visiting the following link: ․

What steps should be taken if wrong data was accidentally recorded regarding the accident?

It is necessary to fill out a statement on the adjustment of information provided for in Form 11 of Appendix 1 of the ” General Terms and Conditions of  CMTPL” RL 1-001 rules and submit it to the insurance company that has concluded the CMTPL insurance policy contract for your motor vehicle in order to agree the relevant data change.

Whether the personal injuries are compensated in case of a self accident?

In case of a self accident, damages caused to the property, life and health of the driver and the car owner shall not be compensated within the scope of the CMTPL insurance contract.

How shall the compensation process be regulated, if the vehicle that caused the damage or the person with the obligation to conclude the CMTPL insurance contract on it is unknown?

In this case, only the personal damages caused to the victims (if any) are subject to compensation, and the property damages caused by the accident may be compensated by CMTPL system only when the guilty driver involved in the accident is discovered by the competent authorities.

What shall the policy process be if the guilty party in a motor vehicle accident does not have a CMTPL contract at the time of the accident? Whom does the Bureau apply the right of return to?

If the damage had been caused by the use of a motor vehicle on which an insurance contract has not been concluded, the Bureau acquires the right to claim a refund of the amount of compensation paid to the victim, as well as the settlement and other costs incurred in the recovery process, both to the person who caused the damage and to the owner of the motor vehicle that caused the damage, who act as joint debtors to the Bureau.


I do not agree with the conclusion of the primary and/or additional expertise regarding fault determination or damage to the property as a result of the accident. How should i appeal?

The conclusion of the primary expertise may be appealed by requesting an additional  or double expertise, and the conclusion of the additional expertise may be appealed only by requesting a double expertise. The mentioned requirements shall be submitted through the insurance company that had sent you the notification on the expert conclusion being appealed in the prescribed form not later than within 2 (in the case of a request for an additional expertise) and 5 (in the case of a request for a double expertise) working days. Moreover, in the event of a request for a double expertise, the fee shall be paid within the mentioned period.

I do not agree with the conclusion of the double expertise. How should I appeal?

The results of the double expertise shall be appealed only judicially.

I have applied for a double expertise. How many days does the inspection of the vehicle take?

Three working days are defined for carrying out the inspection of the damaged property, the calculation of which starts from the following the day of sending a notification to you on the appointment of the double expertise.



How can I find out the amount of my insurance premium?

Each policyholder, driver can independently calculate his/her insurance premium using the calculator installed on the website of the insurance companies that are members of the Bureau or through the ASWA system, by entering the data of the vehicle and the owner upon concluding the insurance contract.

Does the Bonus-Malus class apply to the owner or the driver?

The Bonus-Malus system is being applied to the person (policyholder) on whose behalf the insurance contract of the given vehicle was signed, in whose capacity in the most cases the owner of the vehicle acts.

I do not understand the calculation of my Bonus-Malus class, and I have some disagreements.

It is necessary to submit an application to your last insurance company for review of the insurance history in the prescribed form stating in the application the information reflected in the insurance history, with which you disagree, and your comments on it.

In case of an accident, if I have one vehicle, how much should my insurance premium increase after the last amendments?

In the case of an accidents that occurred after March 1, 2022, the change in the Bonus-Malus class of the guilty party is determined not only by the number of compensations made within the framework of the signed contract, but also by the compensation amount.

Thus, in the case of the paid amount up to AMD 100,000, the malus class shall be increased by 3 classes and accordingly:

AMD 100,001-200,000 by 4 classes

AMD 200,001-500,000 by 5 classes

AMD 500,001-1,000,000 by 6 classes

AMD 1,000,001-1,800,000 by 7 classes

More than AMD 1,800,001 by 8 classes

Details can be found at the following link: ․

How shall my Bonus-Malus class be calculated if I have more than one vehicle?

Unlike policyholders with one vehicle, for policyholders with more than one vehicle insured at the time of the accident an additional adjustment factor is used when calculating the Bonus-Malus (hereinafter referred to as BM) class, which reduces the negative impact of an at-fault accident. In order to present the above-mentioned calculation more clearly, let’s give examples.

Example 1 (for 2 cars):

If you have 2 cars, and during the last 365 contractual days, no decision was made regarding the payment of a third party insurance compensation for any of your cars, then the BM class for your 2 cars will decrease by 1 class.

If you had a motor vehicle accident after signing the contract last time (during which you also had 2 cars), then as a result of each accident, your BM class may increase by 3/2 to 8/2 (depending on the amount of insurance compensation paid). For example, if, as a result of an accident, AMD 250,000 compensation is provided to the injured party, then the change in your BM class, according to the BM table, will be 5/2. And if the amount of your 2nd compensation is, for example AMD 1,500,000, then as a result of that accident, your BM class will increase by 7/2, and the  change in your BM class will be 5/2+7/2=6, which, according to the Rules, will increase Your BM by 6 classes for each car.

Example 2 (for 23 cars):

If you have 23 cars and had 1 accident with a compensation amount of AMD 700,000, then the change of your BM class, according to the table, will be 6/23 class. And if the amount of your 2nd compensation is for example AMD 1,200,000, then as a result of that accident your BM class will increase by 7/23, and the change in your BM class will be 6/23+7/23=0.5652 which, according to the Rules, will increase your BM by 1 class (for each of 23 cars).

Example 3 (for 30 cars):

If you have 30 cars and had 1 accident with a compensation amount of AMD 80,000, then the change of your BM class, according to the table, will be 3/30 class, that is, 3/30 = 0.1 < 0.103, which means that according to the Rules, your BM class will decrease by 1 class, therefore you will receive a Bonus (for each of 30 cars).

Let’s suppose, as a result of another accident, the injured party is compensated in the amount of AMD 150,000, the BM class is calculated using the following formula: 4/30 = 0.1333, which means that according to the Rules, your BM class will remain the same (for all 30 cars).

If I buy a new car and insure it, will the insurance history of the previous car be taken into account when setting the insurance premium?

No, only the owner’s insurance history is considered in the Bonus-Malus system. For example, if you bought a car with previous insurance incidents, these incidents will not have any effect on your insurance premium.

If I don’t have an insurance contract for a certain period of time, that is, if I don’t have a car, then I buy a car again and conclude a  CMTPL insurance contract, how will the insurance premium be calculated, will my previous insurance history be taken into account?

Yes, your insurance history as a policyholder is taken into account.

On which history will the Bonus-Malus system be based on?

As an authorized possessor (until September 1, 2016) and/or policy holder, the basis for the calculation of the Bonus-Malus system will be the history formed in the period after December 31, 2012.

If I change the insurance company, how will my insurance history information be transferred?

A unified CMTPL information system is operated under the CMTPL system, which stores information on your insurance history and is independent from an insurance company. The information is accessible to every insurance company with which you are intended to conclude a CMTPL insurance contract.

Am I entitled to refuse to be subject to the Bonus-Malus system upon concluding a contract from the beginning, or it is a mandatory, like CMTPL itself?

The bonus-malus system is a mandatory, regardless of the holder’s wishes.

How much can be the maximum increase of insurance premium, and in which cases?

Your premium maximum can be tripled. Moreover, this can happen in exceptional cases, in case of earning a significantly bad insurance history.

For example:

Let’s suppose that the consumer who has just entered the CMTPL system has been guilty for two accidents within a year, each of which has a compensation of more than one million AMD, then the insurance premium of that consumer will be tripled.

In one year, the insurance premium may be tripled, even when the amount of the compensated amount does not exceed one AMD million, in the event that the consumer has at least three accidents due to his fault, two of which are in the range of AMD 200,000-500,000, another one is within AMD 100,000-200,000.

3% is a very small number for a bonus.

You will receive a bonus if no compensation decision is made at your fault within every 365 contractual days. The amount of the bonus increases after some consecutive years if there are no CMTPL accidents. If you had a 3% bonus in first several year, then if you don’t have an accident next year, you will already get a 6% discount, instead of the previous 3 %, and if such discipline continuous, then in the following years, your Bonus will be increased in larger steps and will reach a maximum of 50% after 9 years.

If the insurance company calculates the insurance premium incorrectly, whom should I apply to?

If you think that the insurance company calculated your premium incorrectly, first ask the insurance company to calculate it again and explain it to you. If the disagreement is not resolved, you may contact the Bureau for advice on further action. If your disagreement with the calculation of the amount of the insurance premium is due to the fact that you were attributed an accident that did not occur during the term of your CMTPL insurance contract or a bonus was not provided, then you can fill out a review application at any insurance company, and if you are not satisfied with the results of the latter, submit an appeal to the Bureau.

The e-mail address of the bureau is, the phone number is (011)551755.

The staff of the company is always ready to help You to sign an insurance contract for several types of insurance, as well as get necessary answers to all your questions.

I wish to get to know the conditions of various types of insurance in details but I can not manage to visit Your office due to being very busy. How can You help me?

You just need to fill the fields in section “Call agent” in our website and our agent will meet You at a place and time suitable for You and will present the conditions of all types of insurance, in which You are interested.

Where shall I submit my documents?

  • The documents related to medical, travel and motor accident bodily injuries should be submitted to Personal Contact Center at 18/1 Vardanants str., Yerevan.
  • The documents related to property (non-personal) insurance accidents should be submitted to Non-personal Contact Center, 116/5 A.Avetisyan str., Yerevan.
  • In all other cases should be submitted to INGO ARMENIA Insurance CJSC head office, 51,53 Hanrapetuyan, Yerevan.

How much time is it needed for the specialist of insurance company to arrive to the accident place?

The specialist of an insurance company is obliged to arrive to the accident site within 35 minutes since the notice to the insurance company if the accident took place in Yerevan, or within 80 minutes if the accident took place in the marzes of RA. The new control system and availability of experts in all marzes of RA enables “INGO ARMENIA” to fulfill its obligations in shorter period of time.

What documents am I required to be submit in case of a CMTPL accident?

  • Passport of the driver
  • Driving license of the driver
  • Registration certificate of the vehicle (permanent or temporary)
  • Passport of the owner of the vehicle (if the driver is not the owner of the vehicle)
  • Bank account, to which the money should be transferred
  • Ownership certificate or purchase and sale agreement (if available)
  • Credentials (if another person is acting instead of the owner of the vehicle) the notary validation is not required
  • Appropriate document given by the road police (conclusion and/or decision) or declaration (if the damage does not exceed 400.000 AMD)
Motor Insurance

What to do in case of accident?

If your vehicle was damaged in the result of an accident you should:

  • Inform the following competent authorities:
    • In case of traffic accidents inform the traffic police of Armenia, 1-77, 010 52 27 63
    • In case of illegal actions by the third parties inform the RA Police, 1-02
    • In case of fire and explosion inform the fire service of the RA, 1-01
    • In case of natural disasters inform the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA, 911
    • In case of injury inform an ambulance, 1-03
  • Immediately call 010 59 21 21 and report about the insured accident “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC and follow the instructions of a specialist
  • Do not move the vehicle until the arrival of authorities and the representative of “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC
  • Write down the state numbers of cars participating in the accident
  • Take photos (including by cell phone) of the accident site and its’ participants, if possible
  • Strictly prohibited admission of guilt or coming to an any other agreement without informing “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC
  • Please carefully read before signing the documents about the crash or something else, drawn up by the authorities
  • Under the instruction of RA Traffic Police Officer or “INGO ARMENIA” company’s specialist pass field sobriety test.

What documents do I need to present a compensation demand?

To submit a compensation demand you need to provide the following basic documents:

  • Written statement on insurance accident
  • Insurance Policy
  • Documents proving the identity (in the case of a legal entity a certificate of registration with the liner containing the manager’s data)
  • Power of attorney, if the applicant is not the owner
  • Driving license and passport of the driver
  • Certificate of vehicle registration (technical certificate) (original or approved copy, if the vehicle is under a pledge)

As well:

  • In case of RTA (road traffic accident)
    • Standard procedure of damages compensation
      • Protocol of driver’s sobriety test (except in cases when the company frees the driver from the obligation to pass this test)
      • The document confirming the accident (the conclusion of the Traffic Police of Armenia, or the investigator’s decision)
      • The scheme of the accident, drawn up by the traffic police
      • Explanation of the driver or drivers
      • Copy of judicial motor-technical examination conclusion*
      • Copy of trace examination conclusion*

*In case of company’s demand

  • Simplified system of compensation of damages in case of accident up to 400 000 AMD
    • Only the above mentioned basic documents
  • In case of fire:
    • Conclusion of Fire technical expertise
  • In case of hijacking:
    • Collection of original keys of the vehicle
    • Certifying document about the application to the Police of RA
    • The decision to institute criminal proceedings
    • The decision of the Police on the results of the criminal case investigation
  • In case of unlawful actions of the 3rd parties
    • Certifying document about the application to the Police of RA
    • The decision to institute criminal proceedings
    • The decision of the Police on the results of the criminal case investigation
  • In case of natural disaster:
    • Reference, confirming the accident received from MES (Ministry of Emergency Situations), hydro meteorological services or other authorities.

Applications about the accident, you must be provided within 30 days and the remaining documents after the application within 60 days.

What advantages does the “Simplified compensation system” have?

The “Simplified system of insurance event investigation and insurance compensation execution” enables to regulate damages up to AMD 200 thousand without attraction of appropriate law authorities and without arrangement of additional expertise execution within 5 banking days since the day of the event.
Present procedure is implemented only if the Insured (Beneficiary, authorized driver) does not object to it.

Is Your CASCO insurance policy effective only in the territory of Republic of Armenia?

The validity of CASCO policy is not limited by the territory of Armenia. The Policy is also valid in NKR, Georgia, Iran and CIS countries.

This is one of the competitive advantages of our Company.

Does CASCO insurance provide insurance coverage for additional equipment, or such equipment is subject to insurance separately?

Additional equipment is insured separately from the policy of CASCO, but this equipment is not subject to insurance without insurance of the the vehicle on which it is installed.

Last year I bought a car and insured it at “INGO ARMENIA” insurance company. May I expect discounts when prolonging the agreement for one more year?

You may expect discounts if Your insurance history is positive (during the previous insurance period no insurance accident occurred, or the non-profitability rate is low), but if the same rate is high – the insurance company may apply extra charges.

I concluded motor insurance agreement with Your Company. Who may drive my vehicle except me without any consequences on insurance?:

According to the rules of insurance of vehicles, any person can drive your car if you mentioned it in your contract as an authorized driver.

Does the night time parking place affect on the amount of insurance premium?

Insurance premiums depend on several factors, which of them are the alarm system, use location of the vehicle, the availability of audio visual equipment in the main parking lots, including night-time parking spot.

Property Insurance

What to do in case of an accident?

If Your property is damaged or destroyed completely, immediately after the accident You should:

  • Undertake all possible measures for prevention or minimization of damages and saving the property from destroying,.
  • Call “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC without delay on following number 10 59 21 21, inform about the accident and follow instructions of the specialist,
  • Inform appropriate authorities about the accident (law authorities, fire service, district engineer),
  • Take photos of the damaged property,
  • Not take any action that may change the appearance of the damaged property (if these actions are not taken to prevent or minimize the extent of damages),
  • If the property was damaged as a result of actions of third parties, it is strictly prohibited to come to any agreement without the consent of “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC.

What documents do I need to present a compensation demand?

To present a compensation demand You need the following documents:

1. In case of fire

  • Written statement on insurance event,
  • Insurance Policy,
  • Protocol, confirming the fact of fire,
  • Conclusion of examination of the origin of fire,
  • Documents, confirming the extent of damage,
  • Passport copy of the owner of the property,
  • Copy of property certificate.

2. In case of theft or unlawful actions of third parties

  • Written statement on insurance event,
  • Insurance Policy,
  • Theft statement,
  • Preliminary decision of the investigator on rousing / not rousing criminal case,
  • Property certificate (original or confirmed copy, if the property is under arrest),
  • Final decision of the Police on the results of the criminal case investigation,
  • Documents, confirming the extent of damage.

3. In case of a natural disaster

  • Written statement on insurance event,
  • Insurance Policy,
  • Protocol, confirming the fact of event, received from appropriate authority,
  • Copies of property certificate and passport of the owner of the property,
  • Reference, confirming the fact of event, received from hydro meteorological service or other authorities,
  • Documents, confirming the extent of damage.

4. In case of damages occurred from water

  • Written statement on insurance event,
  • Insurance policy,
  • Protocol, confirming the fact of event, received from appropriate authority,
  • Conclusion of the examination of the origins of the event,
  • Documents, confirming the extent of damage,
  • Passport copy of the owner of the property,
  • Copy of property certificate.

In what period is the insurance compensation paid?

Our Company pays insurance compensation during 30 working days after receiving all necessary documents.

Travel Insurance

What to do in case of accident?

In case of Travel Insurance event You should:

  • Inform appropriate authorities of the place where took place the insurance event (hotel administration, representatives of carrier companies, local law authorities) and inform of Insurance availability,
  • Call service center without delay on the stated phone number on the first page of the Insurance Policy (+7 495 258 85 59) and inform of insurance event or contact “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC,
  • Service center employees will immediately react and organize necessary medical help,
  • The all compensated cases included in policy are provided by the service center (assistance) and compensated by “INGO ARMENIA” insurance company.

What documents do I need to present a compensation demand?

If immediately after the insurance event there was no possibility to call service center, in order to present insurance event statement it is essential to introduce during 30 days after coming back the following documents:

  • Written statement on the insurance event, including detailed information about:
    • Nature and circumstances of the event,
    • Name of the company which provided tourism services,
    • Dates of travel,
    • Origins of the event,
    • Causes because of which there was no possibility to call service center at the time of the accident,
  • Copy of the insurance policy (upon request: the original copy)
  • Originals of recipes written out by a doctor, concerning current disease, including stamps of pharmacies and cost of each medical preparation,
  • Medical documents, which contain information on the the date of the application of the insured person, his health status, the medical help provided, the duration of the treatment and other relevant information.
  • Original copy of the order written out by a doctor for passing laboratory examination, including prices of provided services with marked prices and dates for each service provided,
  • Original of invoice introduced by the medical institution (printed on appropriate form or on a paper with a stamp), including the surname of the insured person, medical diagnosis, date of appeal for medical help, duration of treatment, list of provided services well-ordered according to its’ cost and duration, total cost of provided medical services,
  • Documents, confirming expenses incurred, concerning treatment, purchase of medicine and providing other medical services.
  • Documents, confirming the identity of the person receiving the insurance compensation

I have purchased travel insurance Policy but the trip was cancelled. May I return the Policy and get my money back?

Of course You may return the insurance Policy and annul it, but You should be noted that:

  • The Company returns insurance premium for the unexpired days of insurance period,
  • The Company does not return the insurance premium if the Insured person has not traveled to the country, indicated in the Insurance Policy, if the latest has valid visa for travel, or if the Insured person announces about his not traveling after the expiry of the insurance period, indicated in the Insurance Policy.
  • Anyway the Company keeps AMD 1’000 (operating expenses) if the Insurer was informed about the cancel of the trip before the start of the Insurance Policy validity.

What is necessary for purchase of travel insurance policy?

To purchase travel insurance policy the passport data of the traveler and exact dates of travel is needed. The issuance of policy will take 5 minutes.

Voluntary Medical Insurance

Which medical centers are You cooperating with?

“INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC cooperates with licensed medical centers in Yerevan and all over the territory of Armenia. So if You are insured at our Company, You may receive necessary medical help at any licensed medical facility or doctor.
For the security of service level we earnestly advise to consult with our doctor-expert before applying for medical help.

With what medical centers INGO ARMENIA ICJS cooperating?

INGO ARMENIA CJSC cooperates with all clinics of Yerevan, of regions, as well as clinics in the territory of NKR.

Cargo Insurance

What to do in case of an accident?

When receiving insured goods first of all ensure in:

  • The quantity of the goods,
  • Undamaged state of the packing,
  • Undamaged state of the seals.

In case of revealing any infringement or damage You should immediately:

  • Find out the causes of damage and take necessary action to prevent further damage.
  • Call “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC and inform of the details of the event.
  • Inform authorities of damage revealing.
  • In case of theft inform law authorities without delay,
  • Invite the representative of the cargo carrier for a joint examination (study) of the damaged goods.
  • Demand from the representative of the cargo carrier written evidence on damaged goods.
  • Present a written claim to the cargo carrier.
  • Inform “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC of all material demands and complaints, occurred as a result of insurance event.
  • From time to time inform “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC of the process of insurance event investigation, its’ causes and consequences.

What documents do I need to present a compensation demand?

To present a compensation demand You need following documents:

All documents should be presented within 7 days after approach of the insurance event:

  • Claim statement about the event,
  • Documents, confirming the fact of event, received from the customs authorities,
  • Reference from traffic police of Armenia in case of theft,
  • Act or conclusion of an expert concerning loss of the goods received from cargo carrier,
  • Document, confirming the extent of damage (if required),
  • If the expenses of damaged goods were incurred by the Insured person or by the Beneficiary, it is also necessary to present:
    • Originals of documents, confirming payments,
    • Invoice.

The Insurer reserves the right in some cases to demand from the claimant to present additional documents and information, which, in the judgment of the Company, may clear up the event in essence and the extent of damage.

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