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“INGO ARMENIA” Insurance CJSC has been occupying a special place in the Armenian insurance market for more than 20 years and is one of the market leaders.
According to the final data of 2019, the company is the absolute leader in terms of insurance premiums.
The company provides high-quality insurance services for both individuals and legal entities, protecting them from various risks.

Today’s central vision is to spread the culture of insurance among the population of Armenia and Artsakh through the use and development of the latest technologies.


“INGO ARMENIA” CJSC  was founded in 1997 under the name of “EFES” insurance CJSC; then, in 2003, following purchase of the 75% of the Company’s shares by “Ingosstrakh”, the Company was renamed into INGO ARMENIA” Insurance CJSC. “Ingosstrakh” is one of the largest insurance companies in Russia, which has been a leader in the Russian insurance market for more than 70 years.

Since 2004, the company has been a full member of the largest international group “INGO” (International Network of Guarantees and Liabilities), which includes:

  1. SK Ingosstrakh-M LLC, Russia
  2. SK Ingosstrakh – Zhizn LLC, Russia
  3. Kyrgyzinstrakh ICJSC, Kyrgyz Republic
  4. INGO-Uzbekistan ICJSC, Uzbekistan
  5. Ingosstrakh ICJSC, Belarus
  6. TIM Assistance LLC, Russia
  7. ChSK JSC, Russia
  8. Klinika LMS LLC, Russia
  9. Ingosstrakh-Investitsii Management Company JSC, Russia
  10. Kredendo Ingosstrakh Kreditnoe Strakhovanie LLC, Russia


Representatives of the “INGO” group also operate in China, India, and Kazakhstan.

  • In 2007, the company, in response to legislative changes, was re-licensed and received a non-life insurance license from the Central Bank of Armenia APO 0005 (0014). Then, in 2009, according to the results of the Financial Year, “INGO ARMENIA” was the only insurance company to be included in the list of 400 major taxpayers, which once again reassured its position as a leader in the insurance field, and emphasized the transparent and legal way of working.
  • On August 13, 2010, “INGO ARMENIA” CJSC became a founding member of the “Bureau of Motor Insurers of Armenia”, with the right to engage in Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (CMTPL).
  • In 2011, “INGO ARMENIA” opened 12 specialized offices for the regulation of insurance claims and customer service in all regions of Armenia. Together with 2 specialized branches, more than 400 service points, and the largest agency network, the Company provided the most extensive service network in the territory of Armenia.
  • In 2012, due to the trust and appreciation of clients, the research conducted by the National Awards recognized “INGO ARMENIA” as the “Best brand of the year.” Furthermore, to ensure high financial stability and solvency, the Company’s authorized capital was increased by AMD 701,247,000, bringing it to AMD 1,650,652,000. In the same year, further enlarging its assets, the Company acquired the portfolio of one of the leading insurance companies in Armenia “Cascade Insurance.” As a result, the Company reorganized its business, adopting European values and orientation.
  • In 2013, in order to ensure a high level of financial stability and solvency, the Company’s authorized capital was supplemented with 885,640,000 AMD, bringing it to 2,536,260,000 AMD. During the same period, according to the audit conducted by “Bureau Veritas,” the Company’s processes met international standards, and “INGO ARMENIA” CJSC was awarded ISO 9001:2008 quality management certificate.
  • In 2015, “INGO ARMENIA” CJSC was awarded the “Mercury” prize in “Stable growing company” nomination by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Armenia.
    Continuing its efforts at enhancing insurance education in Armenia, the Company regularly conducted master classes for students of the “Insurance” specialty of the Armenian State University of Economics.
  • In 2016, for the second time in a row, the Company was recognized as the “Best Insurance Company cooperating with the Financial System,” which proves “INGO ARMENIA’s” pro-customer approach. In December, “INGO ARMENIA” CJSC was awarded the title of “Best Subsidiary Company of the Year” in the list of INGO Group companies.
  • In 2017, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of “INGO ARMENIA” CJSC, an Annual Report Book was published, making the need for continuous achievements unique. Another remarkable achievement of 2017 was the launch of the digitalization strategy, which was expressed in several areas: digitalization of document circulation, remote accident management, and others. “INGO ARMENIA” CJSC was the first in Armenia to sell CMTPL contracts online.
  • In 2017-2019, the Company introduced a number of new products for the retail market further development. In particular, “Ingocare” Health Insurance Exclusive Insurance Product was introduced, which was the first of its kind in the Armenian insurance market. “Apartments and Private Houses” insurance product, “CASCO Exclusive” and “CASCO Hail” products, were also introduced to the market. The Company continues to discover customer needs and develop new products according to the identified needs.
  • In 2020, “INGO ARMENIA” CJSC, being one of the leading digital insurance companies of the region, took one more step towards the digital world by launching a new and modern website: With the help of the new website, customers are not only able to stay informed about the activities of the Company, offers and news of existing products, but also have an advantage to calculate and purchase CMTPL and travel insurance contracts on their own via the Internet, check the status of applications for various insurance products, check the terms and validity of existing contracts.

“INGO ARMENIA” CJSC is not limited to only providing insurance services, but rather the Company sees its unique role in the development of the society, being its active member, and organizing various events, contributing to the educational and economic development of Armenia.

Attention. “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC is not liable for the content of web pages to which links are made in present page. The Company is also not liable for advertisements, reliability of information as well as for possible consequences of using the information of such web sites.

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