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“INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC creates assurance in the future and contributes to the well-being of everyone.

So the main points are:

  • Guarantee the stability and confidence in the future.
  • Maintain a decent standard of living.
  • Prevent trouble and its consequences.
  • Keep our promises.
  • Assist in the development of the society.

Values of “INGO ARMENIA”:

  • We are friendly, correct and patriotic.
  • Respecting the interests of customers, employees, founders and partners, we are loyal and law abiding.
  • We are available and give the opportunity for self-development and learning.
  • We are ready for a constructive dialogue and can share a mutually beneficial cooperation.

Future of “INGO ARMENIA”:

“INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC is one of the first owing to high-quality insurance services corresponding to international standards and the best management.

That is how we see our future.

  • We are expanding our presence in the regions of Armenia.
  • Leadership is the energy that moves us forward. New products and a good organization are a pledge of progressivity of our movement and long-term success.
  • Our main strength is people. We form leaders who work professionally and systematically at all the levels of management, build a strong team and strengthen our spirit, that is the spirit of enterprise, energy, a mutual support and a creative activity.
  • We develop our company through every action, every day promoting it to the target and a new quality of our work.
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